Fun Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchens need a lot of storage, but your options can be on the predictable side, from built-in cupboards to wall cabinets. The truth is, most traditional storage options for your kitchen focus on practicality at the...

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How to Make Spring-Cleaning Fun

Cleaning out the clutter every year can be a daunting task, especially for kids. You and your family can end up feeling overwhelmed and figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of can turn into a sparring match. Here...

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Protecting Your Kids from the Hot Georgia Sun

Sunlight can be extremely harmful to your children. Not only are sunlight's UV rays responsible for sunburns and even skin cancer-something that can happen at a very young age-but kids also can develop heat exhaustion due...

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Best Kid-Friendly Recipes for a Rainy Day

Spring is here and with it comes plenty of rainy days. If you have kids, rainy days often mean boredom. If you’re looking for ways to entertain the little ones in your house on days when the weather report says, “stay...

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10 Great Atlanta Day Trip Destinations

On average,nearly 50 million peoplevisit Atlanta every year. The capital of Georgia has a rich, fascinating history and is a current mecca for businesses. Combined with the many beautiful and exciting sights to see and...

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4 Fun Atlanta Staycation Ideas

A staycation is a creative idea if you're wanting to take a vacation but don't want to spend extra money traveling to another destination. As a local Atlanta business, we know what Georgia has to offer for residents...

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