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Common Problems That Can Be Fixed By a Handyman

Most American households have a long list of common handyman tasks to cross off their lists every year. Not everyone is adept as a DIYer, so they hire a professional handyman to handle the problem. What Does a...

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New Year's Resolution Ideas for Your Home

Start 2023 off strong with some New Year's resolutions for your home Welcome to 2023! The beginning of a new year is always exciting and is usually a time when a lot of us focus on how we can best use the next 12...

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How Your Home Can Keep You Healthy This Winter

Stay healthy this winter, with some help from your home! Have you or a loved one been battling an illness lately? Our immune systems are battling to keep us healthy in this time of increased sickness, and when you...

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4 Ways to Get Your House Ready For Holiday Guests

Do you have guests coming to stay with you this holiday season? Before that doorbell rings, make sure your home is ready to keep the holidays merry and bright for everyone! This month, we highlighted four ways you can...

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Is Your Heating System Ready for Cold Weather?

It's fall, y'all! Time to pack away the bathing suits and bring out the flannel. Well, maybe…Georgia weather can be pretty unpredictable! But one thing we know for sure: cold weather is coming, which means the...

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6 Things You Need to Fix In Your Home NOW

Fall is almost here, and whenever a season changes, it's a good idea to take some time to assess how your home is doing. Did you recently move, maybe into an older home? Have you started to notice more wear and tear...

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3 Ways Your Home Can Keep You Healthy

On average, we spend about 10 of our waking hours in our homes each day. That’s a lot of time spent breathing in and interacting with the rooms of your house. Why not ensure that your home is part of what keeps you...

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How Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Affect Your House

At Shumate, we are committed to helping all Atlanta-area residents understand the importance of improving and protecting their homes' indoor air quality. We have shared some common sources of poor indoor air quality on...

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Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Attention

Your air conditioning unit will usually give you clues it needs some attention before completely dying, so here are a few things to keep an eye out for.

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