5 Benefits of a Whole House Air Cleaning System

5 Benefits of a Whole House Air Cleaning System
5 Benefits of a Whole House Air Cleaning System

While most homeowners are aware of how their HVAC system affects their family's comfort and energy bill, many have overlooked a critical component - the importance of the quality of the air that flows inside the home.

Poor quality air can lead to several issues, including a higher energy bill. A whole-house air cleaning system is an ideal solution, helping to ensure the purity of the air inside. An experienced, well-trained HVAC provider can explain if a whole-house air cleaning system is right for your home and detail the different installation methods.

Here are five benefits of a whole-house air cleaning system.

Increased health benefits

The Environmental Protection Agency has noted that indoor air can be two to five times dirtier than outdoor air.1 That can lead to an increased buildup of dust, pollen, mold, dander and other allergens in your home. For people who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments, that level of indoor pollution can wreak havoc on their ability to breathe freely. In addition, mold growth can lead to serious illness.

Better living environment

If you have subpar indoor air quality, your home itself may suffer. Excessive dust, mildew can lead to damage to your home and its furnishings. Trim separation, cracks, discoloring and mold are all symptoms of poor air. Fixing those issues can result in expensive repairs that would be unnecessary with a whole-house air system.

Complete coverage

There are many air purifiers and filters on the market to purchase, and while those may be effective, their radius remains limited to the room in which you placed it. Whole-house air cleaning systems, which are connected to your HVAC unit, can cover the entire square footage of your home, increasing the ability to remove existing pollutants and making the system more effective in blocking out allergens from outside.

Environmentally friendly

Whole-house air systems are increasingly being used by builders as a green option, but even if you are retrofitting in your current home, there are ways to make getting cleaner air more earth-friendly. Electrostatic recessed air cleaners, which are hidden in a return box and installed in a ceiling or wall, trap particles without creating harmful ozone deposits. HEPA air purifiers use a fan and filter system to capture particles in an ozone-free manner.

Whole House Air Cleaning System

Ease and efficiency

If your HVAC system isn't doing the job in keeping your indoor air clean, a whole-house air system can work in concert with your current unit for a better, more efficient overall performance that could save you money. Whole-house purifiers are low maintenance, quiet, space-saving and work 24/7, which can help turn your home from a host of hidden dangers into a place where you can breathe deeply.

You may not have realized it, but clean indoor air is an important, and unnoticed, aspect of keeping your family fit and your home running smoothly. Rely on certified, caring professionals who can help you explore the whole-house air cleaning system and start you on the process of achieving cleaner, healthier and more comfortable indoor air.

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