Pets and HVAC: How To Keep Your System Clean

Pets and HVAC: How To Keep Your System Clean

Pets are cherished and valuable members of a family. But one often overlooked element in pet ownership is that certain animals can wreak havoc on HVAC systems, leading to long-term damage and costly repairs.

All pets, even ones without fur, have dander that gets, well, everywhere. Before the steamy Georgia summer begins, it might be a good time to check-in with your experienced HVAC specialists to ensure your system hasn't been affected too much by Fido or Kitty.

"Pets can create serious problems for your HVAC system and lead to major issues with your air quality," says a spokesperson for Shumate Heating & Air. "But following some simple maintenance rules can keep everyone in your home healthy and happy, including your furry friends."

Here are five essential HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners:

Change your air filters

Regular filter changes should already be part of your normal HVAC routine. But if you have pets, this becomes even more important. Pet hair, skin, and other particles from your pet are often trapped in the filter, leading to unwanted clogging. Make sure the filters you use are specifically designed to catch pet dander. Normal HEPA or ionic filters may not be strong enough for the job.

Clean your ductwork

Dander is a serious problem, especially if someone in your home has allergies or asthma. These little particles of your pet can get everywhere, including the inside of your ductwork. When dander makes its way to the ducts, it gets recirculated through the air and can lead to serious health issues. You should inspect your ducts regularly and get them professionally cleaned every couple of years, at least.

Clean your ductwork

Keep your carpet clean

Indoor air quality isn't always about your HVAC system. Allergens and other negative particles thrive on carpets and furniture. Vacuum your home regularly, preferably with a unit that has HEPA filtration. Try to keep pets off beds and furniture where it may be difficult to clean. Investing in a light, cordless vacuum can help with daily cleaning of pet-heavy areas.

Groom your pet

As your pet moves about their day, they tend to collect all manner of substances during their explorations. These elements can be brought into the home and lead to poor air quality. It is important to properly groom and bathe your pets on a regular basis. Try to brush your pet while outside, keep their fur trimmed, and keep their fur clean with a good bath every few weeks.

Protect your outdoor unit

Left on their own, your pets could be a danger to your outside AC unit. For example, dogs could urinate on the system, leading to corrosion of the fins and coils inside. Cats could scratch or claw at the wiring, leading to an unfortunate loss of power. The best way to protect the unit is to build a small fence around it, leaving adequate room for airflow and access for your neighborhood HVAC provider in case of repairs and maintenance.

"We all love pets, and that's why we stress that it only takes a few easy steps to make sure your HVAC system can keep everyone in the house comfortable and breathing clean air" says a spokesperson for Shumate Heating & Air. "The quality of life for humans and pets increases when your HVAC system is running properly."

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