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Shumate prides itself on maintaining a home's temperature integrity by delivering top notch air conditioning/heater installation and service. Oftentimes, home owners stress their respective units through the cold and hot seasons in Suwanee largely in part due to lack proper insulation throughout the home. The constant transmission of heat or air conditioning during this time frame leads to costly energy bills and untimely breakdowns of their systems. Unsealed air leaks in the attic coupled with lack of insulation lead to an inferno in this area in the summer months and arctic temps in the winter. Roughly 90% of homes in America lack sufficient insulation, an epidemic striking Suwanee home residents, leading to a lack of energy efficiency.

Make your Suwanee home comfortable and quiet with proper insulation while lowering your heating and cooling bills

How can I not fall victim to improper insulation you may ask? Well the solution is simple. Let Shumate become your one stop solution for all your home ac and heating needs by ensuring your system is layered with protection that proper insulation provides.

With the Owens Corning® ProCat® Professional Loosefill Insulation System installed by a Shumate insulation specialist, you'll benefit from superior thermal performance meaning your home will be silent and more comfortable. The advanced insulation system means you will have consistent temperatures room to room, leading to a more comfortable home. Benefits and Features include:

• Advanced formula supports a comfortable, quiet and healthy home.

• Helps create a more energy-efficient, draft-free home.

• Virtually no settling to ensure thermal performance

• Limited lifetime warranty

Help Protect your Suwanee home with Proper Insulation

It takes a complete system - including proper ventilation and insulation products to maximize performance. Having provided top level ac and heating services in the Milton area for decades, who is better equipped to handle performance maximization? ONE STOP SHOP!

With a properly insulated and ventilated home provided by Shumate, you'll be able to manage and mitigate excess heat and humidity more effectively and help extend the life of your home as well as your ac unit.

• Insulation + ventilation will help protect against ice dams, sagging roof decks and premature roof failures. The reduced attic moisture helps prevent potential insect infestations, mold or fungi growth corrosion and interior damage. Nothing worse than seeing a rodent invade your home from the outside and ruin all your insulation, leading to another blow out and blow in of insulation.

• ProCat® Professional Loosefill Insulation installed by Shumate is guaranteed to maintain its insulating power for the lifetime of the home

• ProCat® Professional Loosefill Insulation System helps you save money, while also extending the life of your home and of your Shumate installed ac system.

• Non-corrosive

• Low dust formula

• Increase noise control

Does your Home Measure up with its current insulation?

U.S. Department of Energy Recommended R-Values for Adding Insulation to an Attic Depending on where you live, you may need up to 20′′ of attic insulation. In Atlanta R-30-60 is recommended.

Owens Corning has been a leader in the building industry for over 75 years. Every day, their Building Science experts redefine what is possible delivering high-quality products and services to homes around the globe. Their products coupled with Shumate installation experts will lead to an optimal household, weathering all the highs and lows of Suwanee temperatures.

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