Winter Safety Tips for Kids

Winter weather puts smiles on young children's faces, especially when it snows and they can spend time outside sledding and building snow forts and snowmen. That being said, parents need to prepare ahead of time for the drop in temperatures to keep their children safe from frostbite and other winter-related accidents. Check out these winter safety tips to keep children safe all season long.

Child sledding down hill

Tis the Season for Layers

Dressing children in layers protects them from the bitter cold and biting wind. Start with thin, dry-wicking base clothing and add a fleece jacket under a down coat. Don't forget the hat, scarf, and gloves. Also, wearing insulated boots keeps the toes dry and provides an extra layer of warmth. If the temperature rises during the day, your child can peel off the heavier layers and still be nice and warm.

Check for Safety Hazards

Even a small amount of snow is an invitation for children to get outside and play, and a favorite winter activity for children is sledding. If you have a hill in your yard that's perfect for sledding, make sure there aren't any hazards that could hurt your child. Steer children away from sledding down hills where there might be trees, swing sets, fencing, or other obstructions that could hurt them if they run into it at a high speed.

Other hazards to be on the lookout for are icy sidewalks and streets. A slippery surface attracts adventurous children who want to slip and slide, but ice is dangerous. Monitoring your child's outdoor play and keeping them away from icy patches will keep them happy and healthy all winter.

During winter, prioritizing backyard safety for kids is essential. Clear pathways, dress warmly, and inspect play equipment for stability to establish a secure outdoor environment.Stick with Man-Made Ice Skating Rinks

Bodies of water seem to freeze quickly, but the truth is that the surface layer freezes first. It takes days or weeks of temperatures below freezing before the ice is thick enough to support the weight of ice skaters. Although the neighborhood pond might look frozen, refrain from letting your children skate or walk on it. Instead, pack everyone up and take them to an ice skating rink for safe skating.

Family ice skating

Install Protective Screen on Fireplaces

Nothing says winter more than a cozy fire in the fireplace. Many homes have woodburning fireplaces because it's a better way to conserve energy during the winter than electric or gas fireplaces. However, homeowners should always safeguard woodburning fireplaces to make sure curious children and pets are protected from the flames. A protective screen is an inexpensive way to do this. Other protective gear for fireplaces include magnetic screens, hearth gates, and freestanding glass fireplace screens.

Install a Humidifier on Your HVAC Unit

Winter brings dry air that can cause nosebleeds and even dehydrate children. Drinking plenty of water can stave off dehydration and installing a humidifier on your HVAC unit can keep the air moist to prevent nosebleeds. A room unit humidifier works well too, but if you want a whole-house option, call Shumate Mechanical at (678) 748-6283 and ask about this HVAC accessory.

By following these tips, you can keep your child safe from cold temperatures, accidents, and other dangers all winter long.

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