3 Ways Your Home Can Keep You Healthy

3 Ways Your Home Can Keep You Healthy

On average, we spend about 10 of our waking hours in our homes each day. That's a lot of time spent breathing in and interacting with the rooms of your house. Why not ensure that your home is part of what keeps you healthy and active? How can your home keep you healthy? We're glad you asked! Here are three ways your home can help you feel good and stay healthy.

#1: Your Home Can Help You Breathe Easier

You might think that allergy season is just a Spring thing, but allergens can lurk anywhere, anytime. Your house hosts many opportunities for allergens and dust to settle and cause a continuous problem with your health.

If you've found yourself coughing, sneezing, and just feeling overall crummy at home lately, check all surfaces in your home and give them a good cleaning. We're not just talking about countertops; dust shelves, window blinds, the tops of your appliances—anywhere you think dust might be sitting, it probably is, so make sure you give it a thorough cleaning. Once you've done this impromptu "spring cleaning," keep up with all the hard work you've done by getting into a regular dusting routine. Give one or two rooms a once-over every day and dust will no longer be after you.

Give your dusting some major backup by having your home's ducts cleaned regularly. You can't see it, but ductwork can house dust, mold, mildew, and even bacteria, which is then blown around your home as your HVAC system operates. The best way to remove contaminants from your entire HVAC system is a thorough cleaning of your duct work, including the plenums, blower motor and furnace wheel. A clean duct system allows your entire HVAC system to run more efficiently, reducing your heating and cooling bills, extending the life of your equipment and providing cleaner, healthier air for your home.

Air purifiers are another simple yet effective way your home can keep you healthy. These are becoming more and more affordable and come in a variety of looks and sizes to fit the look and feel of your home. There are a lot of options available, so if you're unsure which air purifier is the best fit for your needs, a Shumate comfort advisor can help! Schedule a consultation with Shumate today by clicking here.

After investing in keeping your home's indoor air quality top-notch, you don't want to let all that clean air just seep outside…or let polluted, allergen-filled air in. Check the condition of your home's windows, looking for any cracks, sagging, gaps in the seal, or slipping. If your windows are older than 15-20 years (or you're not sure how old they are), it might be time to invest in new windows. Not only will the value of your home increase, but your energy bills will improve, your home will feel more comfortable year-round, and your indoor air will stay in optimal condition.

#2: Your Home Can Help You Sleep Better

When you come home from a long day, you just want to get some good sleep. Your home can and should let you achieve that goal! Is your bedroom a place you go to unwind? Or does it cause more restlessness than sleep? The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home for your health, since this is where you spend time allowing your body to rest and rejuvenate.

Keep clutter under control and only have furniture and pieces in your room that help keep things calm and relaxing. Invest in a quality mattress and really spend time researching which one works best for you. Utilize soft lighting and window coverings that can let in as little or as much light as you'd like.

According to The Sleep Foundation, your bedroom should stay between 60-67 degrees, because "our bodies are programmed to experience a slight dip in core temperature in the evening. Turning the thermostat down at night may help with temperature regulation and signal your body that it's time for bed." If your home's HVAC system is running properly, maintaining a comfortable temperature will be a breeze. Shumate can help you keep your HVAC performing the way it should with our preventative maintenance program. Learn more about becoming a Shumate Signature Member here!

#3: Your Home Can Help You Relax

Your indoor air quality is great, your bedroom is a tranquil sleep sanctuary—what about the rest of your house? Your home can be the ultimate retreat that helps you reset and stay grounded in what makes you feel your best. Also don't forget about Sneaky Home Design. Here are some ways your home can help you relax:

  • Paint your walls with a soothing palette - Light, neutral colors help amplify natural light and promote an overall calming environment.

  • Renovate or add-on that "chill" space you've always wanted - Create your perfect home gym, expand your kitchen, or add on a whole new space.

  • Consider adding a garden space in your backyard - Not only does gardening help you relax but it can also provide nutritious food and help with pest control by drawing in beneficial insects.

If you have big plans for how your home can help you relax but aren't sure how you're going to get those plans done, Shumate can help! In addition to HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services, we also offer metro Atlanta homeowners handyman services to help you tackle most home improvement projects. Schedule a consultation with a Shumate handyman today by clicking here.

We believe your home can keep you healthy and we are here to help your home on its mission! Call us today at 678-SHUMATE or schedule online.

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