Upgrading Your Circuit Breakers & Panels

Upgrading Your Circuit Breakers & Panels

Safety is paramount when it comes to electricity and wiring in your home. Faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of fires in American homes, and the older the wiring is, the more likely it is to be faulty. But luckily, a regular inspection by a professional electrician can identify any issues before they become dangerous. We are here to help - we'll make sure your circuit panels can handle any new additions or added appliances that may require more voltage from your home.

What is the significance of circuit breakers and panels?

You should inspect your circuit breakers and electric panels regularly, whether or not you've recently had any electrical work done. There are a few ways to know when to call in an electrician for repairs or an upgrade, but the main signs of damage to the system are rust or scorching. Periodic checks often will allow you to judge whether an electrician is needed or the system is running smoothly.

If you make electrical panel maintenance part of your regular routine, you will save money on costly and preventable repairs down the line.

How do I know if I should upgrade my electrical system?

Because of the dangers posed by faulty wiring, it's crucial to be on the lookout for early signs of damage to the electrical system. If you notice any of the following in your home, there is a strong chance it's due to a fault in the wiring, and you'll want to call in the pros:

  1. Flickering lights or other appliances

  2. Small electric shocks when touching appliances

  3. A burning smell

  4. Scorch marks or sparking on power outlets

  5. Heat around the electric panel

One of the main reasons to upgrade an electric panel is that it may not have the capacity to deal with modern or additional appliances. If you're looking to install a major new appliance such as an air conditioner or hot tub, your existing electric panel may not cut it. If you do add a major new appliance without upgrading, then the power provided by your electric panel might not be enough, and the circuit breakers will keep tripping.

Unless you have previous electrical experience, you should always hire a licensed electrician for any electrical project. A licensed electrician will ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

For everything from outdoor lighting, to hanging big screen TVs, to fixing garbage disposals, replacing total circuit panels, and even rewiring the entire home - Shumate Electric is now Atlanta's top Electrician.

As with our heating and air conditioning services, we always aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction - meaning Shumate will always try to uphold the highest standards for our team of service professionals. Offers by other companies may appear similar, but our service is top rated, and comes with a personal touch that only we can provide.

Call for same day 24/7 Electrical services for your home for a range of issues - from recessed lighting installation, to emergency power, to just a simple residential electrical inspection.

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