The Importance of Teaching Your Child Martial Arts

Has your child expressed an interest in learning martial arts? Martial arts offers children a host of benefits. Some of these benefits might surprise you. Keep reading to learn more about why enrolling your child in a martial arts program is a great idea.

Children learning martial arts

Positive Activity

Children spend a lot of time sitting and being inactive between school and home. Enrolling your child in a martial arts program gets them up and moving. When a child is taught martial arts, they get a full-body workout that includes a mental workout.


When children participate in a martial arts program, they develop patience and resiliency. These qualities are important to develop, especially in the world today. With a quick tap on a screen, you get entertainment on demand. You can even get dinner or groceries delivered quickly. Although instant gratification is the norm, old-fashioned self-discipline is still an important life lesson to learn.

Goal Setting

The competition aspect of martial arts as well as the belt system helps children learn how to set goals. It teaches them to set milestones to reach these goals. Goal setting is a skill that helps people achieve success well into adulthood. The sooner children understand the concept of goal setting, the more confident they'll feel in achieving their goals.

Following Directions

Is your child struggling with following directions at home or school? Parents find this very frustrating, but it's not unusual given the fast-paced world children are growing up in. Martial art classes help children slow down and focus, which helps them hear and follow directions better.

Children sparring

Body Confidence

Self-esteem issues affect children starting at an early age-earlier than most parents realize. Being aware of the amazing things their bodies can do and how strong their bodies are gives children a sense of confidence. It also instills an appreciation of their bodies and encourages healthier physical and mental habits.

Conflict Resolution

Sometimes martial arts is misunderstood, especially if one watches one too many martial arts movies. It's understandable that some people view martial arts as a violent sport, but it's actually the opposite. Martial arts encourages nonviolent conflict resolution. Instructors teach their students to avoid physical confrontation whenever possible and to use words to resolve conflicts or walk away. It also teaches teamwork and includes drills where students work together to achieve a mutual goal. Children who learn healthy conflict resolution turn into adults who don't use their fists or sneaky tactics to get what they want.

Respect Authority

The cornerstone of any form of martial arts practice is respect. If your child is having problems with authority figures, enrolling them in a martial arts class might help them with this issue.

Martial arts is a physical and mental practice that instills healthy habits in children they'll carry with them into adulthood. You can't go wrong by enrolling your child in martial arts.

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