Protecting Your Family with Surge Protector Power Strip

Does your home have proper surge protection? If you're not protected, your family could lose valuable electronics, information, and even be at harm's risk if there is a power surge. Even if you have a power strip attached to your expensive devices, this isn't enough to keep you completely safe. Continue reading to learn more about what power surge protection is, and why it's important for your family's safety.

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What Is a Power Surge?

First, it's a good idea to know what a power surge is. A basic explanation of a power surge is that the electricity in or near your home spikes temporarily. It's possible that you're not even aware a surge has occurred because it's that quick. Most spikes happen in less than a thousand of a second, but a spike in electrical current doesn't have to last long to do a lot of damage.

Often, people think of power surges as occurring during a storm when lightning strikes nearby. However, there are other instances that cause the influx of power at your home for a short period of time. These situations include events such as a power failure or an upgrade to the power grid at the electrical company. Also, if there's an electrical device near your home that's experiencing issues such as an electrical pole or a cable box, this could cause the power to surge in your home.

Benefits of Power Surge Protection

Why do you need more protection than at the power strip? For starters, your home's electrical system is expansive, and all power starts from the circuit breaker box. By installing whole-house surge protection, you're ensuring that the electrical components are protected. In some cases, when the spike or surge is particularly high, electronics that aren't even plugged in could be affected adversely because of the charge in the air.

Whole-house power protection gives your family peace of mind and acts as a first and second line of defense against dangerous power surges.

Your electronic devices aren't the only things at risk when the power spikes. Without proper protection, it's possible an electrical fire to happen. This puts your home at risk of damage and puts anyone inside your home at risk of being harmed in an electrical fire.

Surge protection also gives you peace of mind when you're away from your home. Whether you're at the office, the grocery store, or on a family vacation thousands of miles away from your home, your house and everything in it is protected.

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What's Best for Your Home?

Not everyone has the budget to afford whole-house surge protection or maybe you live in a rental where the choice isn't up to you. Whatever the case may be, a surge protector power switch used correctly is still a proper safeguard against spikes and surges. To learn how to protect your home and your family, contact professionals who understand surge protection. Contact the HVAC repair contractors at Shumate Mechanical to learn how power surge protection keeps your HVAC system running without interference. Our emergency electricians are here for you in the event of any electrical disturbances your home might experience.

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