How to Make Drinking Water a Habit for Kids

Keeping children happy and healthy is something parents strive to do every day. There are many healthy habits you can help instill in your children, and an important one is making drinking water a priority. Drinking water plays a huge role in how well children's bodies function every day. Not only does it keep joints and muscles supple and lubricated, but it also supports digestive health, moves nutrients to cells, regulates body temperature, and it keeps blood circulating.

Kid Drinking Glass of Water

As wonderful as water is for the body, the truth is that most children aren't too excited to drink it. Children don't want to drink something bland and boring. When given the choice of a beverage, most would more likely choose something fizzy like soda or overly sweet like Kool-Aid. So, how do you get your child into the habit of drinking water each day?

Serve Water with Meals

Pick one meal to start the process. For many families, dinner is the easiest meal to have water with because most parents want their children to start their day with milk, and lunch may be away from home, making it harder to ensure water's on the menu. Place a jug of water on the table and let your child fill their glass themselves if they're old enough.

Purchase a Special Cup

Children will be more inclined to want to drink water when they have something fun to sip from. Sports bottles with straws or cups with characters are always good choices.

A Little Flavor Isn't Cheating

The end goal is to get your child to drink more water. Well, you might have to help them reach this goal by sweetening the deal, naturally. Skip artificial flavor and stick with infusing water with real fruit. Popular fruits that taste good in water include strawberries, lemons, cucumbers, and oranges. Let your children experiment and combine fruit slices. The more involved they are in the process, the easier it is to get them on board with drinking more water.

Place a Cup or Water Bottle on Their Nightstand

Whether it's a reusable plastic cup or water bottle, having one by the nightstand will help them remember to drink water. Make it a habit to give your child a glass of water before bedtime or while you read them a bedtime story.

Mom and Daughter at Restaurant Table Drinking Water

Keep Water Bottles in the Car

Purchasing those tiny plastic water bottles may not be the best idea for sustainable living, but when your children get thirsty on a car ride, they're nice to have. You also won't spend as much money on vending machines or gas station runs.

Lead by Example

Making drinking water a habit for your children starts with you. Are you drinking enough water? When your children see you drinking water often, they'll be more likely to adopt this habit as their own.

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