Fun Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchens need a lot of storage, but your options can be on the predictable side, from built-in cupboards to wall cabinets. The truth is, most traditional storage options for your kitchen focus on practicality at the expense of personality. Fortunately, there are ways to inject some excitement and ingenuity into your kitchen storage spaces. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Kitchen Storage

Invest in a Full Size Pantry

Pantries are a popular staple for kitchen storage. Old school central storage units force you to get on your knees with a flashlight to find the last can of peas. New age pantries, on the other hand, are tall (many go up to the ceiling) and spacious, making them easy to see and access. Plus you can add stylish portable storage to pantry shelves, like drawers, racks, baskets, and even lighting to make everything easy to find, day or night. You can also add a full breakfast station to your pantry, creating a dynamic centerpiece for your kitchen with plenty of storage and a space where you can make coffee and toast.

Add a Chef Library

With the advent of cooking shows on networks like The Cooking Channel and Food Network, more people have become passionate chefs at home. And if you love to cook for your friends and family, then you will end up collecting a ton of cookbooks over the years. Cookbooks kept near the stove can get scuffed up, and pages can get splattered by grease or catch on fire. A much better way to store them is in a bookshelf attached to an island or to the end of the countertop. The books will add a splash of color, be highly visible, and you can grab one quickly when you need to find a favorite recipe.

Repurpose Household Items

You can use several household items to create fun storage options in your kitchen. For instance, use a clothes hanger to store dish towels on the wall and turn C-Clamps into a paper towel rack. You can also make a plastic bag dispenser with an empty 2-liter soda bottle under the sink. Simply cut the tops and bottoms off the bottle, trim jagged edges to keep bags from tearing, then screw the dispenser to the inside of a cabinet or at a reachable height on a wall.


Make Compartments for Bulky Items

Bulkier items, like chopping boards and cooking trays, need a space of their own. Finding a way to store heavy, multi-sized items without taking up too much space can be simple. You can add a compartment into a row of cabinets, hang them on a wall near the stove, or store them on a rack with wheels between the stove and cabinetry. One solution that is growing in popularity today is long shelving. They break up the flood of drawers and cabinets while allowing you to add an extra personal touch to storage in your kitchen.

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